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Heaters & Heat Pumps

If you're trying to extend your family's swimming season or have a rental property that requires a heated pool, there are two options available; a heater or a heat pump. Although they both provide the same basic function, there are some differences.

A traditional gas-fired pool heater is used when the pool is required to be heated immediately or in the coldest winter months. The response time of the heater is terrific, but may not be cost effective because of the amount of gas required to operate the system.

A heat pump, however, is more economical to operate over time. Used for extending the swimming season in the fall and spring, a heat pump will usually require a little more operating time to achieve the water temperature desired and may not be as powerful as the traditional gas heater on the coldest days in the heart of winter.

If you're interested in extending your swimming season, we can go over the features of the traditional gas heater and the electric heat pump to help you decide which system will best meet your needs.

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Swim Longer

Enjoy your Pool when the Weather is Mild

Extend your family's swimming season into fall and winter by adding a heat pump to your pool, or add a heater or heat pump to your vacation rental for swimming year-round.

Heaters and heat pumps can be turned on remotely, even from another state, when hooked up to an automated control system. With the touch of a button, your pool our can be heated and ready for you or for your guests when they arrive.

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