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Pool Lighting Gets Artistic and Technical

Gone are the days when your only choice for pool lighting was a frosty, boring, white bulb. Today's pool lighting choices are far from boring! You can add some artistic flair with crisp, bright, colored LED pool lights, or lights you can even program to fade from one color to the next in a dazzling color show!

Pentair Pool Products offers a product called the Intellibrite LED Color Changing Light, and they tout them as the most energy-efficient pool lights on the market. The Intellibrite has fixed color choices in blue, green, magenta, white and red. What's more, the Intellibrite offers seven pre-programmed light shows that scroll through various color changes to match your mood. Pre-programmed light show choices include: Party Mode, Romance Mode, California Sunset, American Mode, Caribbean Mode, and Royal Mode.

To top it off, Pentair even sells a remote controller that can be paired up with their Intellibrite Series, so you can control the backyard pool and landscape lights with the touch of a button!


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