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Repairs & New Equipment


Tahoe Custom Pools can take care of all your swimming pool repair and equipment needs. We proudly use the best products and parts to give you value and to keep your swimming pool and spa safe for your family. Call Tahoe Custom Pools at (602) 818-9166 to get a quote or schedule your repair or equipment installation today!


  • Pool/Spa Filters, Pumps and Motors (repair or new)

  • Automated Remote Control Systems

  • Water Levelers

  • Deck Patching and Repair

  • Vac Lines

  • Cleaning Systems

  • Salt Systems

  • Leaks

  • Heaters and Heat Pumps (repair or new - extend the swimming season!)

  • Acid Wash

  • Automatic Pool Cleaners

  • New Pebble or Plaster Pool/Spa Interior

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